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What Is The E-Cig?

The e-cig is called by many a "battery operated miracle". It is designed to look and feel exactly like a tobacco cigarette. Virtually all available models have user replaceable parts (battery, atomizer, cartridge) and can be refilled with eliquid (the nicotine containing liquid.) The ease of replacing worn out parts contributes to this devices appeal. Once you purchase your electric cigarette starter kit, you are pretty much set for life. Unless of course you want to upgrade to a high end model.

Your basic starter kit includes everything you need to start living a smoke-free life style. You get the battery, charger, vaporizer, cartridge and e-liquid. Some of the higher end kits also contain what is called a USB Pass-through which is used to connect your electric cigarette to a USB port on your computer to save battery life.

ECigs are a great alternative to smoking tobacco. When you use your ecig, no harmful smoke is produced. The eliquid contains only glycol and nicotine neither of which are harmful. Compare this to the 3000 plus toxic and carcinogenic chemicals in cigarette smoke and the choice is easy.

The electric cigarette uses state of the ar tmicro-electronic components to produce a consistent nicotine draw. When the user inhales through the ecig, the internal sensors activate the atomizer which vaporizes a tiny amount of the eliquid stored in the cartridge. The unit automatically powers off after a pre-set amount of seconds to avoid excess nicotine being released and to prevent the unit from over heating. This safety feature totally eliminates the fire hazard associated with regular cigarettes. Some units have an on/off switch that operates the atomizer. This style of smokeless cigarette also has the safety mechanism.

You can tell your electronic cigarette is working by the LED on its end. The LED is designed to look like the ash of a cigarette and glows red as a draw is take. You can also choose different color LED's if you like. I have seen blue, purple, red and yellow. The body of the electric cigarette itself comes in many designs and colors.

After you buy an electric cigarette, there are a myriad of accessories you can choose from. There are USB chargers, portable batteries and car chargers just to name a few. The nicotine refill solution, or eliquid, comes, in various strengths (0mg, 11mg, 18mg, 24mg, 36mg, 50mg) and many flavors. Even if your not into smoking, you could get a 0mg nicotine with pina-colada flavor just for fun. Many electric cigarette users go with the 0mg nicotine and their favorite flavor just to relax.

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